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Professional photo retouching service

Are you unhappy with the way your photos look? Have you tried editing them on your own but found it difficult or time-consuming? If so, consider hiring a professional photo retouching service. These services can help you fix common photo problems, such as skin blemishes, wrinkles, and red eyes. You can also have pictures enhanced for color and brightness, which can make them look more polished and professional.


What is photo retouching?

Photo retouching is the process of editing images to improve their appearance. This can include correcting defects such as blemishes, removing wrinkles or sun spots, and adjusting colors. Some photographers also use photo retouching to create composite images, combining multiple photographs into a single image. While some photo retouching is essential for creating a stunning photograph, too much can make an image look fake or artificial.


Why photo retouching is important for business

Digital retouching services can improve the overall perception of a company’s brand. In fact, some studies have found that up to 73% of customers are more likely to buy from a company they perceive as being well-treated by their photo professionals. Given the important role that image professionals have in shaping customer perceptions, businesses should invest in using photo retouching services to their fullest potential.

Categorize of photo retouching

High end retouching

High-end image retouching is a process that is used to improve the appearance of photographs. It can be used to remove unwanted objects from photographs, improve the clarity and color of images, and restore lost detail. It can be used to make a person look younger, more attractive, or more muscular to remove wrinkles or blemishes from the skin.

Body Retouching

Body retouching is removing or altering physical features on someone’s body to improve their appearance. Our team will work on correcting colors and fixing shadow issues to make a stunning image. We will also smooth skin, reshape body size, and adjust the tone. Finally, we will create an amazing body shape that can draw attention.

Skin Retouching

Skin Retouching

Skin retouching is altering or enhancing the appearance of a photograph or other digital image, especially to remove or conceal blemishes or wrinkles or eliminate dark circles under the eye. Our team will help you to make images younger and healthy look.

Hair Retouching

Hair retouching is a digital art form that is used to improve the appearance of hair in images. It can be used to add volume and texture and remove frizz. Our editors will work on improving hairstyles and getting rid of flying hairs. In cases of color correction, we will also work on hair colors.

  • Make Up Retouching

Make-up retouching is the process of digitally removing or altering images of people to improve their appearance. Commonly used techniques include removing blemishes, brightening teeth, fixing lip colors, slim face, pronouncing eyes and accentuating cheekbones.

  • Boudoir Retouching

Boudoir photo retouching is a process that can take a photograph from mundane to magnificent. Often, boudoir photos are used to celebrate femininity and sexuality, so the goal is to improve appearance by removing wrinkles, and goosebumps, adjusting tones, makeup, and improving facial features.

  • Dodge and Burn Effect

The Dodge and Burn effect is used to lighten or darken an image. The effect can be used to create a sense of depth or to focus attention on certain elements of the image. It is a must high-end retouching technique, and we apply it for an attractive look.

  • Cloth Retouching

Cloth retouching is a process in which an image is edited on cloth. The process can be used to fix mistakes or remove spots from clothes. Sometimes, clothes may appear in messy looks; our editors will fix it. If needed, we also re-color it for a better look.

  • Remove Face Wrinkles

The minimal facial defects can affect its appearance. We know it and help remove wrinkles from the face, lips, nose etc. We also erase any signs of aging that may affect its natural look.

Jewelry retouching

Jewelry restoration is a process that can be used to improve the appearance of jewelry by correcting worn or damaged parts, restoring lost colors and patinas, and polishing surfaces. The skill involved in jewelry restoration is complex and depends on a knowledge of metalworking, gemology, and jeweler’s tools.

With the right tools and techniques, even the most basic photo of jewelry can be turned into something beautiful. We can help to improve jewelry photos that will easily draw attention


Portrait retouching

Portrait retouching is a popular form of photo editing that can improve the appearance of a person’s image. It can make the subject look younger, more attractive, or more in line with the desired aesthetic.

If you’re looking to give your portrait a little extra pizazz, there are a few retouching techniques you can use. Portrait retouching can help to improve your features, remove blemishes and lighten your complexion, among other things. We can help to achieve your desire for portrait retouching

Product photo retouching

Looking to improve your product photos before uploading them to your eCommerce website? Look no further than clipping path action. This service can help you fix issues with your photos like blemishes, wrinkles, and shadows. They also offer various other services like enhancing colors and improving focus. Look no further than clipping path action if you’re ready to take your product photos to the next level.

It is must editing service for online retailers who want to increase store sales. We provide complete eCommerce product photo retouching solutions, including 


Fashion and beauty retouching

Fashion and beauty retouching can help people look their best in any situation, whether for a photo shoot or just for everyday life. This process involves editing photos to make them look more perfect, both before and after they are taken.

It is an often unnoticed service that can greatly impact how someone looks. When done correctly, it can help correct flaws in the skin, hair, and clothing that can make someone look older or less attractive. However, these services can also be used to make someone look more attractive or younger, depending on the user’s desired outcome.

Skin retouching

Skin retouching is a popular form of beauty enhancement. It can be used to improve the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, and other skin problems. Retouching can also correct skin color and texture.

  • Skin tone fixing
  • Color correction
  • Body shaping
  • Digital makeup
  • Cellulite removal
  • Stray hair removal
  • Background adjustment etc

Real estate retouching

Real estate retouching is a process that involves correcting or improving the appearance of a photograph or image of real estate. Real estate photographers or agents may also use retouching to improve the appearance of photographs used for advertisements, personal portfolios, or for online listings.

It is the perfect way to take your photography to the next level. By editing the photos of houses for sale, you can make them look more presentable and appealing to potential buyers. With creativity skills, we can turn any picture into a stunning piece of art.

Wedding photo retouching

Wedding photo retouching is a popular service that many couples use to improve their images. It can help remove any unflattering or unappealing moments from their photos and enhance them with beautiful enhancements such as makeup and hair removal.

  • Photo Culling and color correction

We will find out the best wedding images from numerous photo shoots. After that, our color correction process will begin. Our editors will work to improve photo colors and make a stunning look.

  • HDR Blending

We will merge two or even more wedding photos from different brightness and create a stunning image. You will get a better quality image after completing work.

  • Background Replacement/Removal

In wedding photos, unnecessary elements may add with photos. We will replace or remove the background from wedding photos. You will get a realistic-looking final image.

  • Remove/add objects

Removing or adding objects to your wedding photos is a great technique that you can apply to your wedding photography. It will help to make attractive photos. At clipping path services, we remove/add objects in wedding photography.

  • Stray Hair Removal

It is important to remove all the stray hair from wedding photos. We will remove it in a natural way without affecting your wedding photos. If needed, we also work on the color correction of hair portions.

  • Skin Tones

Don’t worry about the improper lightening effect. We can help you fix your bridal skin tone. We have skilled retouchers to help you get the perfect complexion.

  • Cloth Editing

Cloth retouching is often used to remove wrinkles, fabric flaws, and other blemishes from clothing to improve the appearance of the wedding garment. We will fix all issues in your wedding clothes and create amazing photos.

Image Masking

Headshot retouching

A great headshot will make you look more professional and attractive. Headshots are essential for any successful career. They can help you stand out from the competition and show your potential employers that you’re a credible candidate. However, retouching headshots can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. At clipping path services, we guarantee the perfect headshot retouching at affordable pricing.

How it works

How The Clipping Path Services Works

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02 . quick response

We will be back within 30 minutes with the order confirmation email.

05 . made payment

If you are satisfied with the editing quality then send us your payment.

03 . image files

We will edit your images according to your requirements.

06 . give us review

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Why you choose clipping path services Company for product photo retouching?

The Clipping path Services Company offers the most advanced photo retouching and image editing services in the industry. We understand that quality photo editing is essential for a successful online presence, and we take pride in our exceptional work. Additionally, we use the latest technology and techniques to bring your photos to life, restoring lost details and repairing any damage. With our help, you can trust that your photos will be perfect when they go live online.


However, we can be the best choice for product photo retouching because of the high quality of our work. We have skilled photo editors who are experts at correcting photos and restoring them to their original condition. Our image retouching service is affordable, and we always deliver on promises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a manual clipping path service?

Of course, we provide 100% manual photo clipping service. Our team uses photoshop pen tool for clipping paths.

What you need to get started for my project?

Firstly please send us your images with a common file format (JPG, PNG, TIF, etc.... ) A decent quality image will give you a great result. it's a request to give always a better quality image to get better results. But if you have low-quality images I also work on them.

Tell me your daily ability to clip path?

We can deliver 2000+ images in a single day.

How can I share the file with you?

You can use FTP, wetransfer and dropbox to share the file with us.  

Do you support various file formats?

Yes, we support jpeg, jpg, png, and tiff formats for image clipping service.

How We Create Clipping path in Photoshop

We will describe how to make a clipping path in photoshop.


Step 1: Open image in Photoshop

At first, Select the image you want to create a clipping path. Then, open it in adobe photoshop. You may use any versions of this software like adobe photoshop cs5, cs6, or cc version. In our cases, I am using adobe photoshop cc.

After opening the program, you can drag the image into the editing panel. However, you may also open the image using the menu. While clicking the menu, you will find an open button in the drop-down menu. Then, click on it, and it will allow you to open the image from your device.

You can also open the image by pressing the keyboard shortcut key "Ctrl+O. Use whatever you like; open the image in photoshop.


Step 2; Unlock the image in the panel.

Whenever you open an image in photoshop, it will be locked in the layer panel by default. However, you need to unlock it. Go to layer panel. Double click on the image layer, a new pop-up will open; click on the okay button. Your image will be unlocked.


Step 3: Zoom in

In this step, you need to zoom in on your image. Depending on image resolution, zoom percentage may vary from image to image. However, 300% is the standard zoom-in for creating a clipping path. You need to see the image edge clearly and draw an outline without decay any edge.


That's why we suggest zoom in before starting to outline. To do this, go to the top menu bar; from here, select the windows menu. While clicking on the windows menu, you will find the navigator menu at the drop-down menu. From here, you can zoom in and zoom out your image.

Want to use a shortcut way? Okay, press the keyboard key Ctrl+ for zoom in and Ctrl- for zoom out any image.


Step 4: Create A New Path layer

It is time to create a new path layer. Go to the layer panel below; you will find an option to create a new layer. Click on it; a new layer will be created. 

Remember, you need to select your existing path layer before creating a new layer.


Step 5: Select pen tool

The Photoshop pen tool is the main weapon to draw vector paths. So, you need to select the pen tool from the left side tool panel. You can use the keyboard shortcut key "P" to select the pen tool.


Step 6: Draw outline

Now, it is time to outline. After selecting the pen tool, place your first anchor point at the edge. Be careful while outlining. You may start drawing one pixel inside the image. It will help you to avoid any mistakes. However, never outline edge level. Always try to keep one or two pixels inside the image.


Step 6: Use the Hand tool

While you start outlining, you need to move the image to complete the drawings. But, how can you do this? In these cases, you can use the Hand tool. It will enable you to move your image. If you use a hand tool for moving, after completing this task, again, you need to select the pen tool for drawing the path.

However, you can do it in an easy process using the keyboard's space bar. Yes, with the space bar, you can move your image. Hold on to the spacebar and drag the image with the mouse. Your Photoshop pen tool will be selected. It will make your works more flexible.


Step 7: Complete drawing outline

Now, your task is very easy. You can select image edges correctly, moves the image without any hesitation. So, complete your drawing soon.

After joining the first anchor point with the last anchor point, you need to zoom out the photo. It will enable you to see how your drawing works.

Remember, you need to keep your image back in its original size to see it. For this, go to the top menu bar. From here, select view, and you will see some drop-down menus in here. Finally, select fit on the layer from here. Your image will be back in its original size.

However, you can do it with photoshop's shortcut key also. For doing this, press Ctrl+O from the keyboard. Your image will be back in its original size.


Step 8: Use selection and feathers correctly.

While you find everything is perfect. You need to use selection and feathers correctly for removal background. After selecting path 1, click on the mouse's right button, and from here, click on the selection. A new pop-up box will show in front of you, asking feather radius. Keep it 0.5, and click on the okay button.  


Step 9: Duplicate the Background

Great, you are almost done. For background removal, you need to duplicate the background. Go to the top menu bar, click on the layer. From the drop-down menu, click on the duplicate layer.

Of course, you can do it with the photoshop shortcut key. For doing this, press Ctrl+j from the keyboard. Your background will be duplicated.


Step 10: Add layer mask

Adding a layer mask is extremely important while you remove the original background from an image. Unless you add a layer mask, your original background will be deleted. And, it would be possible to back it. So, at this stage, we will add a layer mask to the image. See the screenshot below.


Step 11: Delete the Background Layer

Now, everything is perfect. We keep an original background copy. So, delete the background layer now. 


Look at the image; it is complete background less. You can add new background. From our experience in eCommerce product photo editing, adding white background is perfect for products. However, depending on your uses, you may use whatever you want.


Step 12: Save File

Finally, we completed our task. Now, it is time to save the file. You may save it in PSD, PNG, or JPEG file format. However, in our cases, I am keeping it in PSD file format. Whatever format you want, first of all, click on the File menu button. From the drop-down menu, select save as. Again a new box will ask you to select a file format from their file format templates. Select anyone from this and click on save.

Your image will be saved on your computer.

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