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Looking to spruce up your eCommerce images without breaking the bank? Then check out clipping path action’s eCommerce image editing service. With over a million edits under their belts, these experts can help you achieve the look you’re going for without compromising on quality. From simple tweaks to complete reworking’s, there’s sure to be something that’ll suit your needs. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!


What is ecommerce image editing?

Ecommerce image editing is the process of altering digital images to improve the appearance of products for online retail. This can involve everything from removing the background and fixing mistakes to adding stylized effects to make products look more appealing. As the online retail business continues to grow, so too does the need for effective image editing.

Ecommerce image editing is improving the aesthetics of an online store’s images. In addition, it can help to improve an online store’s branding and overall appearance, making it more appealing to potential customers.


Why product photo editing service is important for business?

Amazing product photography is very crucial for online retail business. It can help customers visualize the product they are purchasing, leading to increased sales. However, taking good product photos can be difficult and time-consuming. A product photo editing service can help make the process easier and faster. These services can create high-quality photos that look like a professional photographer took them.

Categorize of product photo editing

Background removal

Background removal plays a great role in creating high-quality images for eCommerce websites. Images that are too busy or have distracting backgrounds can negatively affect the overall look and feel. By removing unwanted backgrounds, merchants can create professional and visually appealing images. Generally, we apply photo clipping and image masking techniques at the time of removing the background from the image. We will create white background for product photos and place your image perfectly so that it can draw the buyer’s focus.


Mannequin removal

By removing the dummy from the product image, you can create a more professional and polished appearance, making your customers feel more confident about buying from you. It is a very effective product photo editing service, especially for apparel retailers. You can easily draw buyer attention to the product rather than unnecessary elements. We remove the dummy from product photos and give a ghost effect. Customers can easily see the inner parts of the image, which may influence their buying decision.

Shadow effects

Shadow effects are an important part of any online store’s image. They add depth, realism, and dimension to the photos and videos on an eCommerce site. They can also help to attract attention to certain products and make them more sales worthy. In short, shadow effects are essential for creating an effective online store. We provide drop, natural, and reflection shadow services at clipping path action. We create shadows looking like very natural.


Photo retouching

Photo retouching plays an important role in increasing online store sales. It can make a product image look more polished and professional, that can help them stand out in a competitive market. Additionally, photo retouching can be used to cover up blemishes or correct color discrepancies or lighten images or even more. In short, photo retouching can make a huge difference in the appearance of an online image. Our editors will do everything to make a stunning product image.

Packshot retouching

Packshot retouching is an important part of creating effective, engaging eCommerce images. It can create a more polished and professional image that will help your business stand out from the competition when done correctly. We require at least 6 photoshoots for a single product image from various angles to create 3d/360 packshot retouching. You will get a perfectly created animated product photo; we believe both you and your customer will like it


Re-color products

If your products are all the same color, it can be difficult for customers to differentiate them. By re-coloring your products, you can give them a new look and make them more distinctive.

Re-color products are important for eCommerce image because it helps shoppers associate a product with a certain mood, feeling, or activity. For example, if a buyer is searching for a cheerful color to brighten up their day, they might choose to buy a product in the yellow range. Conversely, if the shopper is feeling down and wants to be cheered up, they might choose to buy a product in the blue range.

Cropping and resizing

Crop and resize product images to make them look their best on your website. This can help you improve your click-through rates and overall website traffic. When you crop or resize your images, you affect the entire image, so make sure that the changes you make are intentional and consistent. Cropping can give an image a more professional look, while resizing can help reduce the file size or improve readability. However, our team can help to crop and resize product images accurately. We can deliver 3000+ images in a single day.

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Model retouching

If you’re using models to show up product images for your stores, you may also need to consider model retouching. Everyone loves to see a beautiful model image as they can place themselves instead of the model. However, with a camera, you can capture great photos; and with the model retouching technique, you will be able to create attractive images. It is essential for increasing store sales and standing out from competitors.

How it works

How The Clipping Path Services Works

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02 . quick response

We will be back within 30 minutes with the order confirmation email.

05 . made payment

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High-quality product photo retouching service

Do you have a great product photo that you want to look better? Is there a blemish or other issue with the photo that you would like fixed? Have no fear because a high-quality product photo retouching service is out there that can help. We can take care of complete eCommerce solutions, from fixing small issues to correcting more significant flaws, background removal, photo enhancement, etc.

We have a separate team for completing work more smoothly. Each team plays an individual role in creating stunning product images. At present, we can deliver 3000+ perfectly edited product images in a single day.

eCommerce image editing services for Apparel & Clothing business

Apparel & Clothing businesses need to take photos of their products for social media, catalogs, and other marketing materials. However, taking good product photos can be challenging. Product photo editing services can help businesses take better photos of their products and make them look their best.

When you sell apparel products, you know how important removing the dummy from images is.


Product Photo Editing Service For Footwear Business

If your business is selling shoes and footwear, you know how important it is to have high-quality product photos that represent your products well. But taking great product photos can be a perfect solution, but even the best photoshoot may require a touch-up. That’s where a product photo editing service comes in handy. 

We can help you improve the quality of shoe photos, remove unwanted elements, and add the finishing touches to make your photos look their best.

Product Photo Editing Service For Electronics Business

Electronic devices and the accompanying electronic gadgets are becoming more and more popular. The users demand the best quality of pictures for their devices. There are several eCommerce photo editing services that cater to this need. At clipping path action, we offer users a variety of photo editing tools to make their devices look their best. We also customize photos for devices like smartphones, laptops, and other electronics.


Product Photo Editing Service for Automotive Industry

Do you need a reliable and affordable eCommerce image editing service for your automotive industry business? Look no further than clipping path action! Our skilled editors can help you improve your images to match the high standards of your industry. 

Ecommerce image editing services are in high demand by the automotive industry. Automotive companies are looking for ways to improve their website images and create more engaging content to attract customers. Professional editing services can help businesses with this goal by providing them with great services. We can help businesses improve their website images, create engaging content, and attract new customers.

eCommerce Image Editing Service For Furniture Business

Furniture business owners are always want to improve their product photos. With the advent of social media, customers are more likely to research products before purchasing. If your furniture images aren’t up to par, you may lose potential buyers. A good product photo editing service can help you improve your photos and boost your online sales. We help businesses improve their image quality, make their furniture look more professional, and increase sales.


Benefits of outsourcing ecommerce image editing service

There are many benefits to outsourcing eCommerce image editing services. You can save money on the cost of this service, but you can also outsource the work to a professional who is skilled in this area. This can save you time and ensure that your images look their best. Additionally, outsourcing can help protect your brand reputation since a poor-quality image can damage your online presence.

It will help you to reduce working stress also. If you do it in your office, you may need to decorate the office and maintain the office management system, employees and other facilities, which are very stressful, work. Using outsourcing eCommerce image editing service, you can easily minimize your stress and focus more on your work.

Leave ecommerce image editing service to experts

Clipping path Action is a product photo editing company that uses state-of-the-art photo editing software to transform product photos into beautiful art pieces. We offer a wide range of product photo editing services, including photo restoration, enhancement, and retouching. Our editors are able to work with various photo formats, so you can be sure that your photos will look their best when they’re finished with us.

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  • Image security
  • Best polished image

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a manual clipping path service?

Of course, we provide 100% manual photo clipping service. Our team uses photoshop pen tool for clipping paths.

What you need to get started for my project?

Firstly please send us your images with a common file format (JPG, PNG, TIF, etc.... ) A decent quality image will give you a great result. it's a request to give always a better quality image to get better results. But if you have low-quality images I also work on them.

Tell me your daily ability to clip path?

We can deliver 2000+ images in a single day.

How can I share the file with you?

You can use FTP, wetransfer and dropbox to share the file with us.  

Do you support various file formats?

Yes, we support jpeg, jpg, png, and tiff formats for image clipping service.

How We Create Clipping path in Photoshop

We will describe how to make a clipping path in photoshop.


Step 1: Open image in Photoshop

At first, Select the image you want to create a clipping path. Then, open it in adobe photoshop. You may use any versions of this software like adobe photoshop cs5, cs6, or cc version. In our cases, I am using adobe photoshop cc.

After opening the program, you can drag the image into the editing panel. However, you may also open the image using the menu. While clicking the menu, you will find an open button in the drop-down menu. Then, click on it, and it will allow you to open the image from your device.

You can also open the image by pressing the keyboard shortcut key "Ctrl+O. Use whatever you like; open the image in photoshop.


Step 2; Unlock the image in the panel.

Whenever you open an image in photoshop, it will be locked in the layer panel by default. However, you need to unlock it. Go to layer panel. Double click on the image layer, a new pop-up will open; click on the okay button. Your image will be unlocked.


Step 3: Zoom in

In this step, you need to zoom in on your image. Depending on image resolution, zoom percentage may vary from image to image. However, 300% is the standard zoom-in for creating a clipping path. You need to see the image edge clearly and draw an outline without decay any edge.


That's why we suggest zoom in before starting to outline. To do this, go to the top menu bar; from here, select the windows menu. While clicking on the windows menu, you will find the navigator menu at the drop-down menu. From here, you can zoom in and zoom out your image.

Want to use a shortcut way? Okay, press the keyboard key Ctrl+ for zoom in and Ctrl- for zoom out any image.


Step 4: Create A New Path layer

It is time to create a new path layer. Go to the layer panel below; you will find an option to create a new layer. Click on it; a new layer will be created. 

Remember, you need to select your existing path layer before creating a new layer.


Step 5: Select pen tool

The Photoshop pen tool is the main weapon to draw vector paths. So, you need to select the pen tool from the left side tool panel. You can use the keyboard shortcut key "P" to select the pen tool.


Step 6: Draw outline

Now, it is time to outline. After selecting the pen tool, place your first anchor point at the edge. Be careful while outlining. You may start drawing one pixel inside the image. It will help you to avoid any mistakes. However, never outline edge level. Always try to keep one or two pixels inside the image.


Step 6: Use the Hand tool

While you start outlining, you need to move the image to complete the drawings. But, how can you do this? In these cases, you can use the Hand tool. It will enable you to move your image. If you use a hand tool for moving, after completing this task, again, you need to select the pen tool for drawing the path.

However, you can do it in an easy process using the keyboard's space bar. Yes, with the space bar, you can move your image. Hold on to the spacebar and drag the image with the mouse. Your Photoshop pen tool will be selected. It will make your works more flexible.


Step 7: Complete drawing outline

Now, your task is very easy. You can select image edges correctly, moves the image without any hesitation. So, complete your drawing soon.

After joining the first anchor point with the last anchor point, you need to zoom out the photo. It will enable you to see how your drawing works.

Remember, you need to keep your image back in its original size to see it. For this, go to the top menu bar. From here, select view, and you will see some drop-down menus in here. Finally, select fit on the layer from here. Your image will be back in its original size.

However, you can do it with photoshop's shortcut key also. For doing this, press Ctrl+O from the keyboard. Your image will be back in its original size.


Step 8: Use selection and feathers correctly.

While you find everything is perfect. You need to use selection and feathers correctly for removal background. After selecting path 1, click on the mouse's right button, and from here, click on the selection. A new pop-up box will show in front of you, asking feather radius. Keep it 0.5, and click on the okay button.  


Step 9: Duplicate the Background

Great, you are almost done. For background removal, you need to duplicate the background. Go to the top menu bar, click on the layer. From the drop-down menu, click on the duplicate layer.

Of course, you can do it with the photoshop shortcut key. For doing this, press Ctrl+j from the keyboard. Your background will be duplicated.


Step 10: Add layer mask

Adding a layer mask is extremely important while you remove the original background from an image. Unless you add a layer mask, your original background will be deleted. And, it would be possible to back it. So, at this stage, we will add a layer mask to the image. See the screenshot below.


Step 11: Delete the Background Layer

Now, everything is perfect. We keep an original background copy. So, delete the background layer now. 


Look at the image; it is complete background less. You can add new background. From our experience in eCommerce product photo editing, adding white background is perfect for products. However, depending on your uses, you may use whatever you want.


Step 12: Save File

Finally, we completed our task. Now, it is time to save the file. You may save it in PSD, PNG, or JPEG file format. However, in our cases, I am keeping it in PSD file format. Whatever format you want, first of all, click on the File menu button. From the drop-down menu, select save as. Again a new box will ask you to select a file format from their file format templates. Select anyone from this and click on save.

Your image will be saved on your computer.

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